Training Courses

Eight hours. Introduce your organization to Hoshin Kanri, a proven seven-step process for strategic planning that involves your entire company in achieving breakthrough objectives.

Five days. Constant change and improvement is the job of all, not just the few—so the more people you can train in Lean Six Sigma the better. Take this course if you need to support process improvement projects in your organization and sustain performance gains.

Two weeks. This course of study and application is a must-have for those who want to lead teams and improve processes in their immediate work areas via the disciplined roadmap of DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control).

Five days. Innovation and design tools are needed because they get us beyond our own minds and limitations. But then we need other tools to reel us in when it’s time to turn ideas into profitable products or services. This five-day course will give you all the tools you need along the entire innovation pathway.

Five days. TRIZ is a powerful set of tools, algorithms and methods for solving innovation dilemmas, difficult R&D problems and other stubborn performance issues. Take this course if you want to journey beyond the obvious and discover how you can always know what you don’t know—and achieve what you otherwise couldn’t achieve.

Five days. Change is inevitable, and necessary to master, for every organization. Based on a proven, disciplined process, this course will dramatically improve your ability to lead change initiatives and drive organizational transformation.

Four days. Anyone who stands in front of groups to lead change can greatly benefit from this course, which delves into the many aspects of effective teaching. If you’re a Master Black Belt or Lean Master candidate—or if you need to generally develop your presentation, teaching and facilitation skills—this course is for you.

Four weeks. If you’re a Green Belt looking to improve your process-analysis, problem-solving and leadership abilities—and become Black Belt certified—you can quickly gain the knowledge, tools, skills and experience you need with this course.

Five weeks. This rigorous course gives students all the tools and skills they need to become expert process analysts and problem solvers within the disciplined structure of DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control). If you need to solve challenging performance problems, this course is for you.

Five days. Design for Lean Six Sigma, also known as Design for Six Sigma, comes into play when you want to develop new products and processes—or improve existing ones to an extent that requires their redesign. This course gives you everything you need to vaccinate your new designs against waste, defects and errors.

10 days. This program is designed to rapidly develop the data analysis skills you need: Businesses are more dependent than ever on data analytics skills. Are you making the most of your data?

Approximately 20 days. BMGI’s Master Black Belt Development program is one of the most respected, comprehensive and flexible options available—transforming candidates into skilled professionals who perform as change agents, teachers, coaches and project leaders in direct support of strategic objectives.

20 days and five days on-site support. An Innovation Champion is the executive change agent who drives innovation into the organisation. The objective of this program is to build competency and equip the Innovation Champion with all the tool sets required to successfully roll out and deploy innovation in the organisation.

Two days. The Foundation of Change workshop will provide you with clear insights on how to effectively motivate people through change and equip yourself with effective skills and knowledge for managing and communicating change. This course helps you become a strong and capable change leader – providing all the knowledge, tools and skills you need to create widespread commitment and manage the details of any change initiative.

Three days. An experiential, hands-on, interactive workshop provides the delegate with the skills to enhance presentations and deliver training with power and pizzazz!

One day. We often derive our energy from creativity, creating a pulse that takes us further, wider and deeper. Explore new and interesting ways of energising and engaging your teams.

Three days. You have the foundation that provides a solid ground to your change initiative, but it’s time to take it to the next level.

One day. It's what you say, and how you say it that counts. People are drowning in information and data points. Decision makers have challenges cutting through the clutter and seeing the difference between you and your competitors' products and services. Most companies' messages and conversations sound the same.

One day. The Executive Overview on the Fundamentals of LEAN, SCORE & KAIZEN Events course defines what Lean, SCORE and Kaizen events are about and how these three management instruments dovetail with each other to identify and reduce waste, to improve the productivity levels of manufacturing and service processes, that will ensure more customer satisfaction, and to enable the attendees to assess the need developing such skills in the organisation.

One day. The workshop deals with the philosophy, techniques and tools in the Six Sigma stable that is used for process improvement in manufacturing and transactional environments.

Five days. By combining the artifacts of Agile development with the tools of Lean, software can be developed much faster while also meeting business objectives. This course will guide you through it all on your way to becoming a certified Scrum Master.

One day. Designing solutions in the most efficient and least expensive manner possible-always with a strong emphasis on people, objectivity, insight and insourcing.

Three days. Business today is constantly striving to attain sustainable growth. Business processes, models, ideas, goals and everyday tasks are easy to plan. What is difficult is leading and managing people through execution and achieving sustainable growth.

Two days. Become comfortable with the Minitab environment from the basics to advanced use.

Five days. Do you have customer complaints about poor quality or late deliveries? Do you miss production targets due to unplanned stoppages or poor operating performance?

One day. Are your meetings ineffective? Do you have trouble getting action from your meetings? Do you have the wrong attendees? Let this workshop revelutionise the way you prepare, run and follow up meetings.

One day. If your company is like most, a term such as “Lean Six Sigma” is finding its way into your business. You’ve heard your customers, vendors, even employees talking about “Lean Six Sigma” - what does it all mean, and more importantly, how can it help your organisation?

One day. The ability to manage change is critical. Many excellent projects and initiatives fail because people don’t know how to manage the process effectively.

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