There really is no silver bullet

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The “Silver Bullet” was a calling card for the Lone Ranger, a fictional character. Just as the myth is that it’s seemingly a solution to a complicated problem or, if found, will bring a quantum improvement in business performance.

So often Silver Bullets have been linked to a technology based solution or some magical new business tool or philosophy but in reality neither of these have brought large scale immediate improvements that could be interpreted as a silver bullet.

I would suggest to you that the majority of business philosophies and tools have evolved from some earlier form of research and have morphed into the forms we have today.

By way of a couple of examples in which I have an interest, I have explored some of Edward Deming’s ideas. He is often acknowledged as the father of modern management along with the likes of Peter Drucker who between them created copious amounts of management material, ideas and polices, some work and were successful and some less so.

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