Is it better to collaborate?

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In a supply chain based operation, does large scale communications work, or is it better to collaborate??

One thing that has always amazed me working with clients is what is considered the basis for effective large scale communication? Is it just sending an e-mail or a zipped presentation on what is required of a vendor (could equally be customers and partners), job done, or is it working with vendors collaborating to get the desired outcomes??

I’ve seen clients that could be attributed to either category, sounds odd, but to get to a position where e-mailing becomes effective it’s paramount that a relationship is formed and one of the better ways of doing this is through collaboration.

Let me give an example; a client was going through a massive system migration, with the impact of this being felt throughout the company internally and externally through its distribution channels and supplier base. A key measure of the effectivity of the migration would be at go-live when the supplier base would “work without missing a beat”, well that was the plan!

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