Can you handle honest feedback?

It’s not uncommon for us not to take honest feedback well. It’s a human trait. We all have an expectation of how we are, how good we are in the workplace and how good the business or areas of responsibilities perform. We basically don’t like to be embarrassed, especially amongst a peer group!

Some organisations have very effective and well structured feedback review systems and policies that have evolved over the years and are an engrained part of the company’s culture and are seen as an asset. Equally giving feedback in a team environment the dynamic of peer pressure comes into play, the success of which is very much dependent on the maturity of the team and the espective roles in the team.

Being put in a position where feedback is requested often starts with an innocuous request as an extension work already started. A lot of what I get involved in so often begins with a goal; we need to achieve this… target, we have problems in this area, we aren’t connecting our strategy into executable actions, these are just examples and the list would inevitably be much larger.

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