Structured Innovation

You can't innovate without the proper framework and tools

Certification Requirements

About Structured Innovation

Unlike most creativity courses that focus only on idea generation, this course outlines the importance of a growth strategy and a balanced innovation portfolio with respect to selecting the right innovation projects for your business. Once selecting the right projects, this course teaches you a diverse set of tools within a complete roadmap that takes you from problem identification to ideation to implementation to commercialization.

BMGI’s Structured Innovation course follows a systematic innovation roadmap, D4 (Define, Discover, Develop and Demonstrate), shown below. D4 helps you identify unmet customer needs, generate ideas to fulfil those needs, analyse the most promising solutions and test the end product/process. It enables you to do this within a purely innovation context, or as an enabler to your Lean Six Sigma program or project.

D4 Pipeline

This course offers you the opportunity to work on a real business issue with guidance from the innovation experts behind The Innovator’s Toolkit: 50+ Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Organic Growth (Wiley). As a participant, you’ll learn the authors’ unique approach for innovating and designing new products, processes and business models.

Techniques learned and applied in this course include but are not limited to:

Define Discover Develop Demonstrate
Jobs To Be Done Resource Optimization Function Structure Mistake Proofing
Outcome Expectations Random Stimulus TILMAG Prototyping & Piloting
Ideal Innovation Imaginary Brainstorming Morphological Matrix  
Job Scoping Structured Abstraction    
Kirton Adaption Innovation Concept Tree    
Nine Windows Six Modes of Thinking    

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Solve business problems using a variety of innovation and design tools.
  • Understand how the outputs of some tools flow as inputs into other tools along the chain of innovation and design.
  • Identify unarticulated customer needs and get to the heart of your innovation and design dilemmas.
  • Discover alternative solutions using innovative problem-solving tools.
  • Develop ideas into solutions and demonstrate success with prototyping and piloting.
  • Apply a roadmap for innovation and design to solve business problems with measurable success.


What is the price of this training and education?


R 23,750 (Exclusive VAT)

What is the length?

5 consecutive days, 36 hours of instruction

Who is this training and education appropriate for?

Anyone who needs an innovative approach to problem-solving, or to new product, process or service design.
Expert problem solvers and Lean Six Sigma practitioners who desire more knowledge, skills and tools.
Candidates enrolled in BMGI's Master Black Belt program.
Professionals in R&D, product development, product management and marketing.

What other materials are included?

Are there any prerequisites?


Pre-class reading assignment

Does this course count as one of the electives for the Master Black Belt program?

Yes, Innovation and Design Tools is an elective for Master Black Belt certification.





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