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About Leading Lean

  • Do you have customer complaints about poor quality or late deliveries?
  • Do you miss production targets due to unplanned stoppages or poor operating performance?
  • Are the costs of running your business too high?
  • Are your lead times just too long to be competitive?
  • Do you struggle to sustain improvements, they just don’t seem to stick?

These are just some of the challenges facing businesses across the world today and some of the reasons why organisations have embarked on a Lean Journey. So, if you have answered YES to any of the above questions then Leader Lean is your solution.

Lean is a business model that delivers superior performance by eliminating waste and creating value for stakeholders. It helps companies identify and eliminate unnecessary activities that slow production and create waste. By adopting Lean, companies can create value in processes, through systematically eliminating the forms of waste that exist which are not adding value. Processes become faster and more agile, and customer response is dramatically improved.

There is no one recipe for Lean success as the starting point can vary. Many people have tried to succeed at lean by copying solutions out of a book. However, your company is unique and will likely have some unique problems and constraints. In order to increase competitiveness, Lean thinking should be integrated into all areas of business to maximise the impact.

The Lean Workshop is a highly interactive learning experience using adult learning principles to achieve the learning outcomes. The course uses various simulations, media and games in an experiential manner to enhance the learning experience for participants.

The BMGI Facilitators are highly skilled practitioners with a wealth of Lean experiences and challenge learners to link the principles of Lean to their own environments through a range of activities and exercises in order that a change in behaviour can be achieved.

The Lean programme is underpinned with relevant activities for the concepts as well as an expanded Simulation over the four days which incorporates the aspects of a Lean Journey.

Where time and availability permits, an appropriate site visit might be included in the programme.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand Lean Methodology and Lean Principles.
  • Comprehend the concept of waste and the impact on the efficiency of a process.
  • Develop the skills to identify cost drivers and ability of how to reduce cost.
  • Develop methods and approaches to create value for stakeholders.
  • Analyse operations and processes from a lean perspective.
  • Learn how to improve the achievement of customer requirements
  • Use techniques to engage people in Lean tools
  • Gain knowledge and skills on how to use lean thinking in own business environment.


What is the price of this training and education?


R 23,350 (Exclusive VAT)

What is the length?

5 Days

Who is this training and education appropriate for?

Middle to senior management, Executives, Change Leaders, Continuous Improvement Officers, Six Sigma Practitioners, Engineers or others who desire an understanding of Lean Principles.
No previous Lean experience is required.

What other materials are included?

  • Learner Guide
  • Learning to See textbook by Mike Rother and John Shook


View the Complete Agenda

Day 1
  • Introductions
  • The 5 Principles of Lean
  • The Lean Road Map
  • A lean assessment tool to understand gaps.
  • Identifying Value from a Customer’s perspective
  • Mapping and understanding the Current state.
Day 2
  • Identification of Value and Non Value added activities
  • The 8 Wastes
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Creating the Future state
  • 5S of workplace organisation
Day 3
  • Work Balance and layout review to promote flow
  • Standard work to ensure process stability
  • Process control through Visual management
  • Mistake Proofing to prevent errors and defects
  • Techniques for Pull systems – providing only what customer needs
Day 4
  • Total Productive Maintenance for Lean
  • Rapid changeover to provide flexibility for customer
  • SCORE™ - BMGI methodology for Continuous improvement
  • Dealing with Change Management in Lean Thinking




I can honestly recommend BMGI’s Lean workshop. It was quite an experience to go through a 4-day course with only 1 Power Point slide! The course was very interactive and catered professionally for all the different learning styles. Our facilitator was excellent and his Lean experience is evident in the way he makes the principles practical.

Stanley Macmillan - Deployment Leader, Barloworld Logistics

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