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What exactly is strategy? It’s amazing just how important strategy is while it’s still so hard to define. This is what sets companies apart—differentiation starts with your very own definition of strategy.

While experts agree you need a well-reasoned, well-articulated strategy, they don’t agree on how to define the strategy that’s unique to your organization. And we don’t think they should—experts simply don’t know your business like you do.

At BMGI, we work alongside your team to build a core strategic foundation—one that’s not subject to annual change. Foundational strategy endures—often for a decade or more. Your annual plans and objectives may change as you adapt to changing markets, but your foundational strategy should not.

Your strategic foundation answers questions such as: What business are we in? What markets do we play in? Who do we play for, and who do we play against? What are the rules, and how do we win? This foundation delivers a set of decision making principles to the organization and articulates your basis of differentiation.

We have conducted first-hand research with dozens of CEOs and COOs of global 500 companies. Those findings, combined with the latest research from academic, consulting, and research organizations, form the basis of our approach.

We begin by “collecting the dots.” Strategic insights don’t appear in a vacuum, but rather after many rounds of reading, observation and otherwise consuming lots of diverse information in order to saturate your brain. Then, those dots must be transformed into competitive advantage—unique points of view, insights, ideas and revelations developed through analysis, ideation and collaboration. Finally, we close the gaps between your strategic objects and actually achieving your strategic goals.

Strategy Capabilities

We use—or facilitate our clients in the use of—over 50 analytical tools. Some areas of our Strategy capabilities include:
In his Harvard Business Review article, “Making Strategy: Learning by Doing,” Clayton Christensen noted, “Although companies find it difficult to change strategy for many reasons, one stands out: strategic thinking is not a core managerial competence at most companies.” Backed by the latest research on thinking and creativity, we will coach you through the strategic thinking process so you can approach your strategy with a fresh mind.

Strategy Creation
By improving—or innovating—your process, you can influence the quality of your strategy. In any process, inputs are transformed through a function to create outcomes. By collaborating with your leadership team, we will work with you to identify the right inputs and the desired outcomes of your strategy development.

Strategy Planning and Execution 
What you do at the front end of your strategy development is only as important as what you do to execute on your strategic goals. Through Hoshin Planning in combination with other tools, we deliver a holistic approach to developing and implementing strategy and managing progress toward achieving your strategic goals.

Training and Education
We offer public workshops, webinars and on-site training designed to build your knowledge and capabilities in strategic thinking, planning and execution. Taught by expert instructors well-versed in operational strategy, our offerings not only cover the theory and tools, but also how you apply them to your business.

BMGI is guiding organizations in a new way to approach operational strategy. To see how you can leverage our expertise, email us or give us a call at +27 12 460 0310.

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