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Building Your Purple Unicorn Looking to hire the perfect data analyst who already knows your business inside and out? Stop looking and start building! Shannon Murphy, Product Manager with The Lean Methods Group, explains how to build that "purple unicorn" at the 7th DisruptHR Denver.
How to Turn Customer Insights Into Actions and Results In this webinar, Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Phil Samuel and Data Analytics Program Manager Shannon Murphy outline the best practices to discover, develop, design and deliver what your customer expects and your strategy demands.
Power BI and Excel If a picture’s worth a thousand words, what’s a data visualization worth? Zettabytes. Learn how to tell your data story easily with the perfect pair—Power BI and Excel. During this 30-minute webinar, we’ll dive into the visualization tool used in DataMaster program—Microsoft Power BI. The webinar will include a demonstration of how to use both Excel and Power BI together to analyze data and create powerful visualizations. With the recent release of an Excel Add-In for Power BI, it is easier than ever to use these two software packages in tandem!
Quality Data Leads to Quality Conclusions Making decisions based on data is at the heart of Lean Six Sigma and statistical analysis. But before we can learn about our process from the data, we need to understand how much our measurement system impacts our data. In this 90-minute online session, we take a deep dive into measurement system analysis (MSA), exploring tools to assess your measurement system, measurement accuracy and precision, and the quality of the data.
Using Attribute Data to Identify Your Process Problems Attribute data is often the first type of data available in organizations. In this online training session, we discuss historical attribute data and, using a case study, explore what the data does and does not tell us. We introduce specific statistical and graphical tools that process improvement practitioners can utilize to provide insights into their baseline process and identify root causes.
Analyze Clues to Discover the Root Cause of Process Problems In this online training session, we start with continuous data and turn attention to how we can analyze it to identify the significant inputs driving your process. We will introduce you to a fundamental concept of process data analysis and a structured approach. This will enable you to identify and qualify the impact of your inputs on your process output.
To Fix It, I Must Be Able to Measure It In this online training session, we focus on variable data and explore how continuous outputs can be used to understand the process as it is. This session will introduce four key concepts that will enable you to effectively understand your variable process output data and help you communicate the process performance to your organization.
The Innovation Strategy Assessment Success begins with the creation of a good strategy, but how do you know you have a good one? The innovation strategy assessment has been designed to help you assess the effectiveness of your strategy, including current value proposition, business model and innovation growth strategy portfolio. In this webinar, Senior Client Partner Dimitri Markoulides describes how the Innovation Strategy Assessment Tool can position your company to identify big shifts required in your thinking to move your strategy forward.
Data Analytics & DataMaster Certification The ability to gain insight and make decisions with data is the most important competitive advantage a company can have. In this webinar, CEO David Silverstein outlines the DataMaster course and the tools used, techniques learned and talent developed. Explore the tools, techniques and talent of DataMasters and how they can add value to your organization.
Leverage Your Leadership Through These Five Tips Leading people is probably the most difficult task in business. What makes it difficult? People. People change every day. They come with emotions, feelings and attitudes, just to mention a few of the challenging aspects. So what can you do? Watch this webinar to learn five effective tips for leading more effectively.
Does Your Organization Need Hoshin Planning? Maybe you've heard of Hoshin Planning and aren't sure if it's right for you. Or you're simply looking for a way to plan and execute your strategy. Find out what Hoshin Planning can do for your organization and talk to us today to learn more!
Dana Ginn: Why Logic Isn't Enough Organizations around the world are taking on increasing levels of transformational change, yet many initiatives fail to meet their intended goals. In this talk from a past Global Summit, Senior Client Partner Dana Ginn explores the surprising missing ingredient to making change happen, along with simple techniques you can implement immediately to be more successful.
How to Incorporate Innovation Tools With Kaizen Events This webinar will challenge your thinking about how to approach Lean Kaizen events and show how innovation tools can be applied to increase divergent and convergent thinking. Through a case study example, you will learn simple techniques you can use to integrate innovation tools into the Kaizen process.
Hoshin Planning and the X-Matrix: Parts and Purpose The X-matrix is a valuable tracking tool in the Hoshin Planning process that ensures all the activities of the organization are related to achievement of the Breakthrough Objectives. COO Wes Waldo tours the parts of the X-matrix and their purpose in this clip.
Developing Breakthrough Objectives In the Hoshin Planning process, a Breakthrough Objective is a 3- to 5-year goal that explains what we need to do to reach our vision. In this clip COO Wes Waldo, talks about applying the concepts of the S-curve and ambidextrous paradox in creating your BTOs.
Establish Organizational Vision Without a good vision, your leadership team is relegated to creating the future using generic strategies—just like everyone else—rather than gaining competitive advantage or developing unique insights. In this short clip, COO Wes Waldo covers why you really need a good vision.
Strategic Planning: Bridge Your Strategy and Execution The debate rages about which is worse: Your strategy or your execution? As most integrative thinkers will tell you, it's not always as simple as one or the other being the problem. As COO Wes Waldo shares in this clip, it’s about the bridge between the two: strategic planning.
Effective Project Selection & Prioritization: Find the Right “Dots” For Your Business Watch this webinar to understand how to more effectively select and prioritize projects that bring maximum value to the business. This webinar focuses on the importance of collecting “dots” prior to the project selection process and the approaches to find projects that have a pull from the business.
Effective Project Selection and Strategic Alignment When planning transformation or improvement programs, selecting and prioritizing the right projects for maximum ROI is critical. This short webinar looks at how to select and execute the right kind of projects to deliver on your strategic plan, including how to manage project plans, project type and project prioritization.
How Healthy Is Your Improvement Program? How do you know if your improvement program is the best it can be? This webinar gives you insight into program maturity assessments, their value and how to use them to optimize your results.

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