Innovation Success Stories

Spot The Innovation

Darrell Mann

Something a bit different this month. How many innovations can you spot in this collage?

Answer: 2.

This conclusion is based on our conventional definition of innovation as ‘successful step-change’. Let’s see how each of the attempts ... Read More

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Innovation Systems

Darrell Mann

‘Successful step-change.’ That’s our usual definition of innovation. Especially if we’re trying to be succinct. ‘Successful realisation of new customer value,’ is the slightly less condensed form. Both represent innovation as an outcome.

And if innovation is an ... Read More

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Not So Funny – The Yin Yang Of Innovation

Darrell Mann

For every great idea, there’s always someone at the opposite end of the spectrum you’re at. They’re busy innovating too.

Some people can’t be safe enough; others love the thrill of putting yourself in danger:


Or ... Read More

The post Not So Funny – The Yin Yang Of Innovation appeared first on The Triz Journal.

Use Innovation Tools to Make Transactional Lean Improvements A major logistics service provider, TNT Express organized an improvement team to focus on fast and consistent delivery of shipments at one of the company’s major airport hubs. By applying innovation tools within a Lean Six Sigma project, the team was able to find a far better solution than originally expected, developing a simple process that reduced average lead times considerably.
‘Most Innovative’ New Product By applying BMGI’s D4 framework and innovation tools and techniques, OnTech solved the challenge of making self-heating portable liquid containers commercially feasible. The invention was featured by Fortune magazine as one of the most innovative new products of the year in 2005, and was noted by the History Channel as one of the most innovative packaging solutions in the last hundred years.
Innovation and Leadership Transformation Emergence is a major Asian conglomerate that has grown rapidly over the past decades—and is continuing to expand. As part of its long-term view, the company decided to implement a rigorous, reliable and predictable innovation process and connect its leadership development program directly to the innovation program in order to democratize innovation in the business.
TRIZ on Triage The triage system for a major hospital network in Boston had determined triage problems and inefficiencies were compromising the quality of patient care, as well as the hospital’s fiscal targets. By automating patient check-in, and by using the TRIZ contradiction matrix, the hospital arrived at a staffing solution that took a major step toward patient satisfaction. The formerly serial activities of administrative and medical triage were now simultaneous, and patient wait times dropped. In addition, diagnostic reliability rose.

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