Executive Blogs

Insights: BMGI South Africa

Featuring updates from the BMGI South Africa team, the Insights blog focuses on people-driven problem solving. You’ll find articles, upcoming events and interesting observations on innovation, management, operational strategy, continuous improvement and more. 

Dave’s Dots

Dots. There are a lot of them, all around us. For our businesses to thrive and our careers to flourish, we need to collect those dots—and then we need to connect them. That’s the purpose of Dave’s Dots—a new site in which BMGI CEO David Silverstein shares important dots related to technology, the economy and global issues.

Chief Innovator

Hosted by Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Phil Samuel, the Chief Innovator blog features posts covering topics along the full innovation life cycle. You’ll find interesting observations, highlights of recent work and updates on innovation techniques from the BMGI innovation team.

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