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A Team Leader's Guide to Lean Kaizen Events provides a detailed roadmap for running a Kaizen event, plus explanations of commonly used Lean tools and more than 30 must-have templates.

Innovation is central to business success, yet no other aspect of business is as frustrating and out of control. Instead of occurring in fits and starts and strokes of genius, innovation needs to become an all-the-time event that’s measurable, reliable, predictable, streamlined and effective.

The book provides basic concepts, processes and tools for practitioners and leaders. The book’s proposition is to bring the complexities of Lean Six Sigma to anyone and everyone, making it as simple and digestible as possible. 

This is the only book that employs a "road-map" approach to DFSS, which allows corporate management to understand where they are in the process and to integrate DFSS methodology more fully into their overall business strategy.

The Innovator's Toolkit is for those who are interested in the big picture of organic growth and want to become innovation-elite organizations, as well as for those who need to execute a single innovation project. This second edition offers new techniques, updated exhibits and examples, and a new section on why so many fail at innovation—and how you can succeed.

We train our physical bodies to excel at physical tasks. Why not train our minds to excel at mental tasks? In this book, part of the Connect the Dots series, you'll discover: what you need to put into your body to build your brain, ways to increase your stamina and cure mental fatigue, how to spot and avoid common decision-making traps, and how to train your memory and tighten your attention.

Collecting the dots—the information that is all around us—is key to solving problems, developing innovative strategies and forming breakthrough ideas. Part of the Connect the Dots series, this book covers why collecting lots of information is so important and 12 techniques for becoming an expert dot collector.

What works—and what doesn’t—when it comes to best practices? In this book, which is part of the Connect the Dots series, find out why you should be selective about the best practices you pursue and how to uncover the best practices that will work for your organization.

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