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Good planning means we are ready to face any threat or seize any opportunity. When it comes to organizational strategy, too often the plan isn’t actually developed by the people who “fight on the battlefield.” If you aren’t part of developing your strategic plan, how can you adapt as the world around you changes?
Strategy is all about change. Rarely does formal strategy formulation result in a decision to simply “maintain the status quo.” And anything other than steady-as-she goes means change. Follow that logic and you quickly conclude that strategy and change management go hand-in-hand.
One thing all definitions of innovation share is a focus on differentiation and competitive advantage. In this age of best practices, big data and increasing automation, the risk of companies converging on all-too similar business models is increasing. Innovation is the key competency—the most important skill set—of strategically driven enterprises.
Everything has a half-life—and strategy is no different. The time it takes for competitors to copy you is getting ever shorter. As companies and markets mature, the nature of competition always reverts to the question of performance. Operational Excellence is about driving the very best performance possible—and continuously improving it.
Based on interviews with CEOs along with other inputs, research and thinking, this list highlights some of the top problems for businesses in 2015. How will these affect your business?

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