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If the only constant is change, then why do so many struggle with it? The truth is: Most people aren’t inherently resistant to change; they’re just resistant to being changed.

That’s why effective change efforts aren’t just about managing change—they’re about leading change. We must be proactive and get in front of our stakeholders, understanding their needs and addressing them before resistance takes root. We must make a plan for how to move people in a direction that aligns with your organizational objectives. Otherwise, a well-developed strategy becomes only a map, with no compass for people to follow.

We work with organizations large and small to develop change leaders that will achieve widespread commitment. That means developing an ability to understand team members’ individual problem solving styles, as well as how to work with those styles. It means identifying and influencing stakeholders. Above all, it means recognizing that change is happening—and you have a choice as to whether or not you’ll be leading the charge.

The success of any initiative is only as good as the success of our change efforts. Don’t sit back and wait for a lack of change management to chip away at your chances of success.

Change Management Capabilities

Rooted in long-proven research on people and change, our experts are well versed in change leadership and pull from several approaches and tools to guide organizations in their efforts. Some of our change management capabilities include:


Our change leaders expertly shepherd teams at all levels through any challenge in any industry. Through individualized guidance, some of the questions we address are: What tools and techniques best facilitate the change process? Which people are likely to move the change along in a positive direction? How can we leverage those who are ready for change and influence those who are resistant?

Change Readiness Assessment

Some organizations are more ready for change than others. Through this assessment, we examine how prepared your organization is based on the critical success factors that result in effective change. You’ll discover what you need to do (or not do) to better position your organization for any change effort.

Change Pro

This simulation builds the knowledge and experience your leaders need to effectively lead change. During the simulation, participants must convince 24 managers to support a corporate initiative by relying on their soft skills and 25 tactics provided. We offer this simulation as part of our Change Leadership course or as a custom program. We also provide certification so your leaders can run the simulation within your organization.

Training & Education

We offer several public courses and on-site training designed to build your ability to effectively lead and manage change in your organization. Every course is taught by expert instructors with real-world experience, so you not only learn the theory and tools, but also the application to your business.

BMGI has worked with organizations large and small to develop change leaders that will achieve widespread commitment. To see how you can leverage our expertise, email us or give us a call at +1 (303) 827-0010.

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