Our Company

BMGI is a consulting partner that collaborates with every level of your business to create and execute strategy that delivers innovation, growth and outstanding operations. Through our portfolio of Strategy, Innovation, Performance Excellence and Change Management services, we help you solve today’s toughest problems while building your team’s capabilities so you can sustain success and drive change tomorrow. When we bring your people and our people together, anything is possible.

How We Work

We believe that your strategy is yours. It can’t be manufactured in a conference room or outsourced to a consultant. It can’t be broken into pieces and left to separate teams.

BMGI works together with you to create and execute your business strategy. We are dedicated to helping you build your own team’s strategy, innovation and performance improvement capabilities so you can drive change and sustain success long after we’re gone.

Experienced, Focused Teams: To ensure the kind of focus that leads to transformational problem solving, we work with a select portfolio of clients and structure our teams to give them personal attention, a unified engagement structure, and continuous collaboration.

Breakthrough Thinking: We are passionate about breaking out of current paradigms, established mind-sets, and conventional thinking in order to achieve real breakthroughs. We use rigorous methodologies and a highly structured problem solving approach designed to force you out of your box, your comfort zone, and the psychological inertia that constrains all of us. 

Connecting the Dots: Strategy is about how you connect the every-day dots generated by your people’s ideas, insights and innovations with the new dots you acquire through research, trend mapping, benchmarking, and a broad range of other dot-collecting techniques. Nobody knows your business better than you do and we believe everyone has a role to play in strategy, innovation and performance excellence. Your people have the knowledge, experience and customer/supplier relationships that inform your strategy. So rather than developing strategy for you, we work with you to ensure your voice is heard, your experience is reflected, and your results last.

Solving Problems Together: Our people’s extensive hands-on experience comes from working with corporations, nonprofits, governments and academic institutions to solve their toughest problems. Rather than solving problems for you, we apply this expertise to solve problems with you. Solving problems together ensures better solutions, lasting ownership from your people, fewer change management challenges and terrific learning opportunities. 

Our Roots

BMGI was founded in 1999 and quickly became one of the world’s top Lean Six Sigma consulting firms. Realizing that Lean was a terrific problem-solving tool, our clients began turning to us to apply our expertise to other challenges. First was the need for innovation, but in a structured, organized way that more reflected the rigor of Six Sigma than the pinball machine-filled lunchroom of a dot-com. Then came strategic planning, often as part of an effort to select and define better Lean Six Sigma projects and to direct the innovation effort toward the right growth strategy. Finally, strategic planning and innovation led us to begin working with clients on their foundational strategy.

Today, through hands-on collaborations with our clients and based on years of research and experience, we apply the top problem solving tools and methods to the creation and execution of business strategy across a wide range of industries, geographies and organizational types.

We are 150 people with clients in more than a dozen countries. Our offices around the world deliver a comprehensive portfolio of Strategy, Innovation, Performance Excellence and Change Management services. With a deep commitment to working side-by-side with our clients to solve tough problems and achieve big outcomes, our experienced professionals thrive on teaching, coaching and succeeding together.

Underpinning everything we do are the skills we forged as a Lean Six Sigma leader. We excel in the practical side of strategy—making sure you have clear direction and goals while ensuring those goals are truly achievable. We have found that this discipline is often the missing link between strategy success and failure.

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