Strategy Execution Workshop

What you will learn

Business is all about formulating and executing strategies, yet most don’t have a clear grasp of how this cycle works, or what steps and phases are involved. Moreover, most organizations simply fail at installing and maintaining the management systems required to translate strategy into action—effectively, repeatedly and measurably.

When you take this one-day workshop, you’ll learn how strategic thinking, planning and execution can tie together into a seamless continuum and repeatable cycle. Then you’ll spend most of your time learning proven practices, tools and frameworks for deploying strategy throughout an organization.

This session is led by a BMGI master consultant who has hands-on experience with strategy execution in diverse environments and who will share real-world examples of what went well and, even more importantly, what went wrong. They will guide you through a seven-step process for ensuring strategic objectives are translated into actionable and measurable projects. You will start with establishing an organizational vision and strategic blueprint. Then, you will learn how to break larger objectives into smaller pieces, measure and review progress toward goals, and manage improvement efforts in a systematic way.

As an added bonus, the instructor will offer interesting advice about how to apply innovative thinking during all stages of strategy execution—helping to unleash and focus needed creative forces that far too often lie unhelpfully dormant in most organizations.

Learning Objectives: 

After attending this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Utilize the seven-step Hoshin planning process to deliver results.
  • Select and develop meaningful metrics.
  • Support the creation of a daily management system to sustain improvements.
  • Begin the integration of design thinking into the continuum of value creation activities.


This regionally based workshop is a power-packed one-day event focused on the immediate practicalities of executing strategy that promises to teach you how strategic thinking, planning and execution intrinsically connect.

You’ll enjoy the day by engaging in participatory and enlightening interaction, exercises, group work, simulations and practice sessions. You’ll glean wisdom and insight—and give some too—as you network with other participants from other companies and industries.

Whether you’re in manufacturing, healthcare, financial services or any other environment, the examples and specifics of this workshop will be tailored to your needs. The master instructor will ensure that the teachings and examples connect to all participants and their unique circumstances.

Course Length

1 day

Classroom Cost

$ 399

€ 249

Classroom Agenda

Understanding the basics
  • Strategic Thinking vs Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Planning vs Strategy Execution
  • The Difference between Strategy Execution and Management by Objectives
The Value Proposition
  • All the reasons why your organization will say this is not necessary.
  • Why they are simply wrong.
Utilizing the 7 Step Hoshin Process for Execution
  • Establishing the organizational vision
  • The Strategic Blueprint
  • Developing Annual Objectives
    • How does Balance Scorecard fit in?
    • Selecting and developing good metrics
  • Deploying the Annual Objectives
    • Utilizing the X-Matrix for Execution
  • Implementing Solutions
  • Monthly Review Process
    • The ever efficient A3 Report format
  • Annual Review Process
How to Visually Display Information
  • Why is it that everyone knows, but no one can see?
  • Turning data into action
The Daily Management System
  • The business end of execution
  • How to turn breakthrough achievements into common everyday practice
The Role of Innovation
  • How Design Thinking applies to all stages of execution

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Course Length

1 day



$ 399

€ 249



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