Training Courses

One day. Every company should have a well-articulated, well-written strategy. But what really is strategy in the first place? 

Three days. This regionally based workshop is designed to help leaders learn a repeatable and sustainable process for uncovering, analyzing and categorizing trends in order to identify future opportunities resulting in new business models, products and services.

20 days. Designed for those looking to master the tools, techniques and processes of innovation, this comprehensive program builds capability in innovation and design project execution of both front-end innovation and back-end design cycles.

Nine days. With multiple days of customized on-site sessions and facilitation spread over a six- to 10-week span, this service will guide you through making a specific product, process or business model innovation in your company. Not for the theorist or one who’s comfortable with the status quo!

One day. Practical, team-focused and high-energy, this workshop leads you through strategy development and strategic planning, an exercise that would normally take months, in a one-day simulation.

One-and-a-half days. Sociomapping is a unique method which enables us to analyze and visualize relationships in a team or a group.

5 days. Build core strategic planning and facilitation skills with Hoshin Planning.

5 days. Learn how to combat some of the most common challenges with strategy execution, understand the role of strategy in strategic planning, and learn how to create a more robust strategic plan.

5 days. Build increasing levels of skill in the front end of strategy as well as more advanced skills for managing strategy and business stakeholders in complex organizations.

Five days. Explore project management knowledge, tools, and techniques for successful on-the-job application and prepare yourself for project management certification with PMP® certified instructors.