Training Courses

One to two days. When you have a hard-to-crack business problem, you need to bring your best people together to solve it fast. In this one- or two-day session, an expert facilitator guides teams through iterative phases of divergent and convergent thinking to encourage idea generation, review and prioritization.

Two days. All companies must innovate to survive. Yet few can do it systematically, and even fewer can do it across the spectrum of all business functions (not just R&D). Take this course if you want to broaden the impact of innovation throughout your organization and future-proof your business.

Nine days. With multiple days of customized on-site sessions and facilitation spread over a six- to 10-week span, this service will guide you through making a specific product, process or business model innovation in your company. Not for the theorist or one who’s comfortable with the status quo!

Two days. In this two-day class, you’ll find out how to apply the seven most impactful innovation tools to drive breakthrough results in your organization.

One day. This regionally based workshop is designed to help leaders learn a repeatable and sustainable process for uncovering, analyzing and categorizing trends in order to identify future opportunities resulting in new business models, products and services.