Training Courses

Five days. Change is inevitable, and necessary to master, for every organization. Based on a proven, disciplined process, this course will dramatically improve your ability to lead change initiatives and drive organizational transformation.

Five weeks. This program is designed to rapidly develop the data science skills you need: Businesses are more dependent than ever on Big Data: Data Mining, Advanced Analytics, and Data Visualization are vital to successful strategy development, operations, and innovation. Are you making the most of your data?

One day. Effective change management requires gaining buy-in from key stakeholders who have power in the organization and influence over the change effort. This one-day workshop equips you with the knowledge and tools to do just that.

One to two days. When you have a hard-to-crack business problem, you need to bring your best people together to solve it fast. In this one- or two-day session, an expert facilitator guides teams through iterative phases of divergent and convergent thinking to encourage idea generation, review and prioritization.

Two hours. How well does your organization connect its strategy creation with its strategy execution? This session provides an overview of the seven-step Hoshin Planning Process, which links a company’s major strategy objectives with the resources and action plans needed to make them happen.

One day. This enlightening and practical workshop prepares you to do what most organizations struggle or fail to do—execute their strategies in a controlled, effective way that galvanizes all the many departments, processes and people involved.

Five days. Anyone who stands in front of groups to lead change can greatly benefit from this course, which delves into the many aspects of effective teaching. If you’re a Master Black Belt or Lean Master candidate—or if you need to generally develop your presentation, teaching and facilitation skills—this course is for you.