Problem Solving

<p> While there are many types of problems to be solved, and many ways to solve them, we believe problem solving itself is synonymous with business.</p>

The Big Idea
It’s all about problem solving. It always has been; it always will be. And while there are many types of problems to be solved, and many ways to solve them, we believe problem solving itself is synonymous with business and that a core competency in problem solvingis a prerequisite to business success.

Our Principles
There are big problems to solve, such as, "We need to develop a problem solving culture." And there are small problems to solve, for example, "We need to increase throughput in our emergency room by 20%." BMGI’s recommended approach for you will depend on the following factors:

  • The nature of your industry (discrete manufacturing, continuous manufacturing, energy, banking, services, healthcare, etc.)
  • The nature of the problem(s) you seek to solve
  • The sense of urgency (for example, we can generally solve a problem faster than you can, but if we do it for you, you don’t learn as much along the way)
  • The culture you have today—and the one you wish to have tomorrow
  • Your organization’s current problem solving competency (knowledge, tools, experience)
  • Your tendency for self-sufficiency [insourcing] or outsourcing

Our Practices
BMGI’s Problem Solving Programs include some or all of the services outlined below. The scope really depends on you—not us—and what you’d like to achieve.

Cultural Assessment.
What does your problem solving culture look like? Do people do things because, “that’s the way we’ve always done things,” or do they constantly challenge the status quo? Do your employees fix things themselves or scream to others for help? What history do you have with problem solving tools and methods and how effective are you at using them?

Program Design.
Based on our assessment and your input, BMGI will design and recommend a program to suit your needs. Our program design includes:

  • Leadership development;
  • Recommendations on the tools and techniques that are most needed in your business, who should learn those tools and techniques, and at what level of depth;
  • Initial problems to focus on that will deliver both results and the positive experience necessary to drive cultural change.

Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting.

We do teach classes in basic problem solving and we do teach, facilitate, coach and mentor our clients through problem solving efforts even when they don’t fully understand the nature of the problem at hand. Sometimes that’s reality—and we have to deal with it. Basic problem solving classes range in duration from one to five days and they are tailored to both industry and company specific problems.

When focusing on basic problem solving, we’re really drawing upon the fundamentals you find throughout this site.

A key element of problem solving is understanding an individual or group's unique problem solving style. We all have a preferred style of problem solving—one that’s en-grained in our DNA. BMGI leads clients through personal and group assessments to provide greater self-awareness that results in more effective problem solving execution.

BMGI's greatest strength is their flexibility. They customized our plan based on what we wanted and needed to be successful and gave us lots of direction, advice, and expertise along the way. They made sure we were successful from day one.
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When asked about our “approach,” our clients never like the answer, “it depends.” But it really does. The approach we take varies based on you: your culture, your timeline, and your needs. We prefer to teach and coach, so our people are all very effective teachers and coaches. And that’s the approach most of our clients prefer, because at the end of our engagement the client has valuable knowledge, skills and new competencies. However, in these economic times, many of our clients run up against one or more roadblocks:

  • Time: They need results yesterday and the fastest way to get results is to simply let world-class problem solvers, like we have at BMGI, tackle the problem in the most expeditious way
  • People: They leaned themselves out so much they simply don’t have enough human bandwidth to tackle problems themselves, even with our help.

In these cases, we’re happy to put on our consultant hats and help, even though we generally think of ourselves as the "anti-consultants."

To learn more about how to transform your business, call a BMGI expert today at +1 303-827-0010.